Our Style

Elegant Yet Real

Robin and Riaan at Ramkiki on Saturday 5th December 2017

Ludre's aim in our photography is to present our subjects as elegent as they are on the day and to record the wedding as it was on that day. Our work is a blend of traditional formal and photo journalism. Each of our weddings have an essence of their own and needs to be captured in a way it truely represents the best of your wedding day!

Robin and Riaan's wedding is the latest wedding which we had the oportunity to capture and I use it here to demonstrate the Ludre style.

Romance And Emotion

Louise and I are true romantics. As romantics we aim to record the human experience without judgement..., specifically looking for the pure and the good in all people and things.

Therefore our eyes are always open to get those in-between natural moments of raw emotion. All of the above were unposed moments. A loving hug from Robin. The tendernes in Robins eyes when Riaan kissed her hand. Brothers and sisters instinctively wishing each other luck after the formal group photo. Robin laughing exuberently at a remark Riaan made. The couple running away from the public to a private spot for their first private kiss as husband and wife. Robin trying to force away a tear during the vows.

Formal with Fun

All the formal photographs are taken to ensure that a full record is made of the wedding. Portraits of the bride groom, wedding party, all the guests, and family. This need not be boring. We always experiment to find ways of making it more interesting within the time constraints a real wedding requires entertaining the subjects as wel as ourselves!

Decisive Moment and Art

At Ludre we believe that the decisive moments must be captured on the day. Your story needs to be told. For us it does not mean that the artistic moment need to be ignored. The journalistic aproach does not require one to abandon previsualisation of artistic oportunities while capturing the important moments. Being two photographers it frees us up to look for or predict artistic oportunities. Sometimes we are just lucky! A good example is the throwing of the petals. I increased my exposure time to record the movement of the petals while Louise pursued the photo journalistic aproach and recorded the couple with the "this way to the I Do's" board. During the dance I captured the emotion of the dance and the shear emotion of Riaans speach at a long exposure time while Louise continued with getting the standard record.

At Ludre I do the post production editing to ensure that we have full creative control of the event from taking the image to the printing of it. During this wedding we collected 1000+ moments, of which the above only represents a small portion of the lovely wedding, many of the images would bring joy to Robin and Riaan for the years to come.

Louise and I would like to wish Robin and Riaan a continued loving and happy marrage. We thank you for trusting us with your wedding day and providing your approval to use it on my website. We enjoyed every moment of it!