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The Bride:- The centrepiece of any wedding!

A Bride's weddingday is her fantasy... Her dream since childhood!. As photographer I aim to understand her vision and capture as much of that as I can on the day. The photographs below celebrate all the brides who shared their dream with me.

The Groom and his friends

Men experience weddings differently. Though most are confident in themself; they are less at ease in front of the camera. I want to capture them in the way they see themselves. I aim is to do as much as I can to make them feel at home. This mostly happens when they are surrounded by friends and the women in their lives (Mom and the Bride). It is my job to overcome this hurdel and leave the wedding with portraits they feel proud of!

Ah! Those romantic moments

We capture these portraits within minutes of the ceremony. The unified couple alone together for the first time (Bar us of course!). At first we pose them and then we wait! This is the moment to let the love flow! This is the showcase of their love the couple will view in their album. A witness of their love for each other. I love these moments! Click! Enough said!

Family and Friends:-The wedding is a unification moment

Not only is it the becoming of one of the bride and groom. the wedding unifies family and friends.These photopgraphs are a record of those that witness this momentous occation. Your family at their best. Your friends looking on in admiration. Having fun. In the moment! Invite these actors on your stage of love to your next wedding aniversary to remenice with you

The real effort is hidden in the details

Let the photographs speak for themselves!

A special thanks for my partner in the early years of Ludre; Gary Fyfe; who taught me how important the details are. Some of the photographs above is his work.