This is the Ludre Team


Principle Photographer

About Andre To be a successful wedding photographer one need to be on top of your game. Not only do you need the right equipment, you also need to master them in a way that it becomes intuitive. Added to that, the wedding photographer needs to understand the contemporary wedding photography and portraiture styles and techniques. I have been doing wedding photography for more than 10 years and continuously study, practice and work to apply myself as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. This includes applying my people skills to work with clients in a way that make their wedding day a pleasant experience.

My first commissioned Photographic assignment was when I was hired by a friend of my fathers to photograph steam trains for him. I purchased my first camera with my initial earnings. I dabbled in the darkroom and honed my skills film by film and my abilities soon became known among my friends and family. It did not take long before I was requested to do wedding photographs, event photography and portraits for family and friends. To cover his insatiable desire to progress in photography I started doing wedding photography on a part-time basis in 1980. For me Wedding photography presents the ultimate photography challenge as it pushes my boundaries with every shoot.

I continuously research the contemporary styles and adapt both my style and techniques accordingly. I changed from film to digital 1n 2000 and enjoy the freedom and cost effectiveness that the digital age bring us.

I am as skilled in the digital workflow and printing (Adobe Photoshop and light room) where I apply the skills I learned in the Film lab and Darkroom. I have the skills to ensure that your photographs and albums will be of the highest quality available in the industry.

Current certification: Post Photographic Certificate for successfully completing the National College of Photography Wedding Photography Course in 2006

Louise- Photographer

About Louise Louise started her wedding photography career when she carried my equipment around and assisted me. We soon discovered that it was a shame to leave the spare camera in the bag and she started taking photographs of the things happening around us. I soon realised that she had a photographic eye and she became my second photographer ensuring that she get the shots I missed.

Louise has an indispensable feminine touch I sometimes lack. She sees the romantic moments and pushes me to do better. Added to that she has a strong rapport with the clients and I consider her my business manager.